How Legal Fees Might Stop the RIAA’s Campaign Against File Sharing

It’s no secret that the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has responded to the growth of online file sharing with a wave of copyright infringement litigation. Often, the individuals targeted by the RIAA fear the overwhelming costs of defending themselves in court, and many have agreed to pay large settlements. A current federal case in Oregon, however, may dramatically alter the legal landscape by forcing the RIAA to pay attorneys’ fees for those who Continue Reading →

Digital Rights Management: Amazon Versus iTunes

Everyone has heard of Amazon and iTunes. Chances are, you have also heard about the controversies surrounding file sharing and MP3s. But another three-letter acronym that is controversial these days is DRM – Digital Rights Management. With much fanfare, Amazon entered into the online music distribution business on September 25, 2007. Its major selling points? DRM-free music that is cheaper than Amazon’s biggest online competitor – iTunes. What is DRM, and why does it even Continue Reading →

Legal Trouble for Torrents

In recent years, file-sharing has spurred a bitter battle between proponents of free media and enforcers of intellectual property rights. After the Napster file-sharing model collapsed under numerous lawsuits, a new file-sharing method known as torrent websites emerged to fill the void. Now these immensely popular torrent websites are facing legal problems of their own. What’s a Torrent? In 2001, Bram Cohen developed the BitTorrent protocol. The BitTorrent protocol transfers information by breaking it up, Continue Reading →