STLR Link Roundup – December 11, 2009

The latest on the STLR radar:

  • Judges and Facebook – Is it ok to be FB friends with lawyers?  The Florida Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee says no, reports the New York Times.
  • Michael Arrington and Crunchpad sues JooJoo for the joint tablet venture that so publicly went wrong, says Gizmodo.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency announces that greenhouse gases pose a danger to human health and environment.  New federal and possibly international regulation are expected to follow, according to the New York Times.
  • Who will protect us from the robot invasion?  Maybe lawyers will, a pair of scholars at Stanford University tells the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • The legal implications of new technology aren’t all covered in intellectual property classes – Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government blog looks at the possible use of eminent domain to take the “wind rights” of farmers and build green-friendly windmills.
  • Text messages are the new “digital lipstick on the collar” and are increasingly showing up as critical evidence in divorce cases, writes the New York Times.
  • The EU drops its antitrust case against memory-maker Rambus in exchange for concessions, according to the Associated Press.
  • A federal judge finalizes a $675,000 verdict against a Boston University student for sharing 30 copyrighted songs online, Wired’s Threat Level reports.
  • Apple countersues Nokia for patent infringement – this is getting ugly, says All Things Digital’s Digital Daily.
  • A payroll and credit card payment processing company’s failure to protect itself from massive data breach was not grounds for a securities fraud case by shareholders. discusses the New Jersey District Court ruling.

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