STLR Link Roundup – March 5, 2010

The latest on the STLR radar:

  • Out-Law reports on a US District Court for the Northern District of California case that clarifies how damages for groundless claims of copyright infringement should be determined.
  • Apple is suing HTC over infringement of its user interface patents, but it’s really Google it’s after, says IP Watchdog.
  • RealNetworks drops its appeal against a ruling declaring that its DVD-copying software violated the DMCA – Wired reports.
  • Is it the car or the driver’s fault? Toyota recall casts doubts on driver’s conviction, says Autoblog.
  • BusinessWeek reports that Google is pushing for the U.S. to take a WTO action against China over internet censorship (and see our recent post on the subject here).
  • Are you liable if you forward a defamatory e-mail with introductory comments? Eric Goldman reports on a recent California appeals case.
  • The E-Commerce Times wonders whether Microsoft is behind Google’s recent antitrust troubles.
  • Netflix is being sued for its deal to delay the availability of Warner Brothers DVDs, reports the New York Daily News.
  • Out-Law opines that the convictions of Google executives in Italy is not just about Italian law – the problem is with the EU directives Italy implements (see our post on the case here).

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