STLR Link Roundup – March 19, 2010

The latest on the STLR radar:

  • The Department of State’s annual Human Rights Report turns the spotlight on internet freedom in China and Iran, from ZDNet Government.
  • The US District Court in Delaware stays the patent litigations between Apple and Nokia, pending decisions by the International Trade Commission, says The Register.
  • A California appeals court rules that cyberbullying threats are not protected free speech, reports Wired.
  • Also from Wired, the Supreme Court agrees to review a Ninth Circuit decision on privacy rights in the context of background checks on government workers.
  • The FCC announces that it will recommend the sale of 500 megahertz of spectrum to meet the needs of mobile broadband users, from the Washington Post.
  • Programmers in trouble over financial misdeeds: two programmers who developed code for Madoff are charged with fraud (The New York Times, The Register) and the Securities Exchange Commission files a complaint against a one-man Russian investment company for hacking into online portfolios to “pump and dump” stocks (Switched, Wired).
  • From E-Commerce Times: TiVo wins its long running patent infringement case against digital video recorder rivals.
  • Spicy IP reports that Brazil seems set to invoke WTO intellectual property cross-retaliation provisions for the first time, against the US.
  • The European Parliament threatens to bring a legal challenge against the European Commission if it fails to disclose details of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), writes Outlaw (see our post on the controversial treaty here).
  • Also from Outlaw: Net Neutrality in the UK: Ofcom to probe broadband providers’ management of web traffic.

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  1. Great list of goodies to look over – thanks. I particularly like this one:

    “I had spent time in the past studying Buddhism,” the defendant stated, “and in light of the Buddhist tradition of quiet understatement, the website’s distinctively narcissistic tone was disturbing.” So he posted a message threatening to kill “Danny Alexander” (plaintiff) with an ice pick.”

    I too studied Buddism a bit – but I didn’t get to the part where we should kill braggarts with an ice pick to the head. Perhaps I didn’t stay with the philosphy long enough or didn’t understand some parts of these teachings. My bad.

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