STLR Link Roundup – August 2, 2010

The latest links from STLR:

  • The Copyright Office released its latest group of exceptions to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act’s anti-circumvention provision. Wired and cnet news report on the exception for jailbreaking mobile phones.
  • The Supreme Court ruled on patentable subject matter in Bilski v. Kappos. Cnet, The MTTLR Blog, and IP Watchdog give their takes on the decision.
  • Patent Docs reports on the memo issued by the USPTO to its examiners in the wake of Bilski. In a similar vein, Patently-O takes a look at the first post-Bilski test cases.
  • The case between Joel Tenenbaum and the RIAA has taken another turn as U.S. District Judge Nancy Gertner slashed the jury verdict by 90%, calling it “unconstitutionally excessive.” See the coverage from Wired and Eric Goldman.
  • Holman’s Biotech IP Blog looked at the recent limits that the EU Court of Justice has placed on patent protection for gene sequences.
  • IP Watchdog has some thoughts on the early stages of a multi-billion dollar lawsuit filed against PayPal by XPRT Ventures, Inc.

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