STLR Link Roundup – October 24, 2012

Bounce-Back on “Rubber-Banding” Patent

In response to an ex parte re-examination proceeding, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a tentative decision invalidating all 20 claims of Apple’s patent for “rubber-banding” in its UI, which was a personal favorite of Steve Jobs. The USPTO found that this patent was invalid because it was anticipated by prior art.  This patent is a key component of the portfolio of “multi-touch” patents at issue in the blockbuster Apple v. Samsung case.

Analysts over at FOSSPatents have provided a preliminary look at the mixed bag of potential implications of the USPTO’s ruling on that litigation.


Unfriendly FRAND, and the Federal Trade Commission Does a Google Search

The Federal Trade Commissions cases against Samsung and Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility for fast-forwarding to litigation instead of seeking licenses on standard-essential patents that are subject to “Fair Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory” continue. In their proceedings, Samsung has released portions of a presentation apparently demonstrating Apple’s attempt to charge prices far above FRAND levels. Meanwhile, Google is apparently contemplating settling with the FTC even as the agency begins a separate antitrust investigation inquiring into whether Google is using its dominance in the search industry to promote its own products and services



A recent cyber-attack on a Saudi-owned oil company prompted concerns that cyber-terrorism is getting easier and more accessible to less sophisticated hackers. Meanwhile, if you want to protect yourself from cyber attacks, make sure your passwords don’t appear on this list.


Facebook Potpurri

Facebook C.E.O. Mark Zuckerberg reported higher-than-expected revenue for the company. Much of that revenue, Zuckerberg reported, was driven by ads on mobile devices, even in advance of its impending overhaul of its Android app.

Meanwhile, Facebook game developer Zynga laid off over 100 employees in the wake of declining earnings.

In other Facebook news, a Texas woman was arrested for identifying an undercover police officer by posting his photograph on Facebook.


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