STLR Link Roundup – March 31, 2018

AI Accountability
A driverless car operated by Uber recently killed a pedestrian when the test driver failed to intervene.  Last week, a person was also killed while Tesla’s autopilot was active. Questions of accountability as driverless cars become more prevalent have rocked the autonomous vehicle community, however the dangers associated with them may be overstated, especially compared to the safety of human drivers.

Several ideas have been proposed throughout the years, however it’s possible that driverless cars, even if safer than humans, would be unable to survive the marketplace when considering the dangers of driving.

Facebook Surveillance & Data Ownership
The Cambridge Analytica data collection scheme has been credited with everything from President Trump’s victory to meddling in elections in Kenya, Nigeria, and Latin America (whether true or not).  This type of data collection is not unique to Cambridge Analytica but has pulled the use and dissemination of social media data into the forefront of users’ minds.  Facebook as taken some internal action but is still facing heightened pressure from users to do more, which would heavily disrupt its business model.

Many are pushing for regulation in order to help protect against further data breaches and misuse, but what will this mean for social media websites, which rely heavily on user analytics in advertising to generate revenue.

There are concrete steps Facebook users can take now to protect their data and privacy if they opt to continue using the service.

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