STLR Link Roundup – October 12, 2018

President Trump Signs Landmark Audio Streaming Bill Into Law

On October 11th, President Trump signed the Music Modernization Act (MMA), along with two companion bills into law. The MMA and its companion bills should make it easier for artists to get paid by allowing artists to receive royalties from songs written prior to 1972, creating a single music licensing database, and making the legal process easier for artists to receive royalties. It also guarantees producers and sound engineers royalties as well. The MMA was endorsed by over 28,000 recording artists as well as the RIAA. It was passed through both chambers of Congress unanimously, and was hailed by the RIAA, the NMPA, BMI, Soundexchange, and a host of other music industry organizations.

Bloomberg Claims Massive Hardware Cyberspying Exposed, Apple Casts Doubts

Bloomberg has claimed that Chinese intelligence has placed an unauthorized chip no larger than a grain of rice on motherboards used in the DOD, the drone program, and navy warships, as well as most large private tech companies. The tiny chips supposedly create a back door into the hardware the motherboards are installed on. Apple and Amazon, backed by the DHS, have pushed back on the story, claiming the infected servers never existed or were never received. Bloomberg then doubled down on the story, claiming new evidence.

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