The Columbia Science and Technology Law Review is currently accepting standard review-sized articles and shorter commentaries written by scholars, practitioners and students on any topic relating to science or technology and its effect on law and social policy.

There are several reasons why you should publish your paper with us:

  1. We publish only the most influential articles – Washington and Lee Law Library’s widely used ‘Impact Factor’ rating (a measure of citations per article published) ranks us as the sixth best technology law journal from 2003-2012.
  2. We carry the Columbia name – as one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, this name carries significant weight.
  3. Columbia’s terrific technology and intellectual property faculty. We feel strongly that, given our faculty, Columbia’s reputation as a technology law center will only be growing in years to come, and STLR is always seeking to work with them – both to get ideas from them and to alert them to the work of our authors. That will benefit you in the long run.
  4. Our strong online presence. We’re a formal Open Access journal, and have been purely online since day one. In addition to publishing on Lexis, Westlaw, and other digital repositories, we also realize more and more readers research and find content through search engines like Google. We want to distribute your paper to the widest possible audience of interested readers, which today means putting it online and sacrificing some of the control exercised by traditional journals. Open access research in other social sciences suggests that papers published in this manner get more citations than papers published only through traditional channels. In addition, our status as the first Columbia journal to publish through the Columbia Library Academic Commons means we’re the first to take advantage of archival-quality online publishing, and we expect that in the future it will bring us better data feeds, optional automatic email notifications when new pieces get published, and integration of our blog content, so that Google improves our search rankings – and hence the rankings of your paper.

If you decide to submit your paper to us, we ask that it meet the following conditions:

  • Articles should be submitted by e-mail to;
  • Citations should be in strict conformity with the Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th edition); and
  • Submissions should include author contact information – address, phone number, fax and email address.

Our mailing address is:

The Columbia Science and Technology Law Review
Jerome Greene Hall
Columbia Law School
435 West 116th Street
New York, New York 10027