Using Bitcoin’s Blockchain Technology In Legal Practice

Although blockchain technology has been around since the 1990s, it was the invention of Bitcoins in 2008 and the rise of cryptocurrencies that began to bring widespread publicity to the technology. Today, many financial technology companies use blockchain and almost all the major banks are investing in it. Companies like Amazon, Samsung, IBM, JP Morgan, Nasdaq, Overstock, and UBS have been exploring uses of blockchain, and the government of Honduras has even started to use blockchain for Continue Reading →

STLR Link Roundup – Dec. 11, 2015

LexisNexis Acquires Lex Machina, Legal Analytics Provider for IP Litigation At the end of November, legal research company LexisNexis announced its acquisition of legal analytics provider Lex Machina. Lex Machina, founded in California in 2010, provides legal analytics primarily as it relates to intellectual property (“IP”) litigation. Using its proprietary platform Legal Analytics®, the company mines IP litigation data to reveal information about judges, lawyers, parties, and patents. In-house counsel use this information to select outside counsel, and Continue Reading →