Regulating Artificial Intelligence

Current Regulation of Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is changing the world at a breakneck pace. The applications of artificial intelligence are numerous and growing, involving everything from financial planning, medical procedures, the fashion industry, and the ever-expanding reality of fully autonomous vehicles. As of now, most artificial intelligence is either completely unregulated or regulated only to the extent that all technologies in a certain sphere are (i.e., all medical software and hardware must comply with Continue Reading →

STLR Link Roundup – October 12, 2018

President Trump Signs Landmark Audio Streaming Bill Into Law On October 11th, President Trump signed the Music Modernization Act (MMA), along with two companion bills into law. The MMA and its companion bills should make it easier for artists to get paid by allowing artists to receive royalties from songs written prior to 1972, creating a single music licensing database, and making the legal process easier for artists to receive royalties. It also guarantees producers and Continue Reading →