STLR Link Roundup – March 4, 2016

Pentagon Sets Out to Improve Cyberspace Security Through Crowdsourcing After hackers caused a power outage in Ukraine and hackers in China compromised a major U.S. weapons system, the Pentagon is looking for ways to beef up security. The pentagon is offering ‘vetted hackers’ the opportunity to find vulnerabilities in the Department of Defense’s cybersecurity system in exchange for cash.  Although similar programs have been employed by private corporations (such as Google), the government’s pilot program Continue Reading →

Arson Jurisprudence: Going Up in Flames

The relationship between forensic science and the courts has been a tenuous one.  Seemingly every few years a scientific breakthrough combined with ambitious journalism reveals that some sort of agency or court has been investigating or sentencing innocent people using techniques that are nonsensical.  These techniques can range from hair sample analysis to bite mark analysis.  Although multiple facets of forensic science have been thoroughly disproved or discredited by rigorous scientific methodology, one of the most Continue Reading →