Lawful Hacking: A Temporary Solution to the “Going Dark” Challenge

The increased ubiquity and sophistication of encryption presents a serious problem for law enforcement. There has been a growing gap between law enforcement’s legal authority to access and intercept information, pursuant to court orders, and its practical ability to do so because of encryption. This capabilities gap has been coined the “going dark” problem. Exceptional Access Proposals Are Presently Insufficient to Adequately Protect Privacy As bad actors continue to target individuals’ sensitive data, which is Continue Reading →

STLR Link Roundup – October 26, 2018

Pentagon Launches First Cyberoperation to Protect Elections Against Russian Interference The United States Cyber Command has begun conducting the first known overseas cyberoperation to protect American elections. The operation involves targeting Russian operatives with digital alerts, warning them against interfering with the approaching midterm elections. News of the operation comes after the White House recently lifted restrictions on Cyber Command’s ability to conduct offensive attacks. Yahoo Agrees to $50 Million Settlement for Massive Data Breaches Continue Reading →