The Future of Gene Editing: Are We the Rough Drafts for Humanity?

Genome editing or gene editing remains one of the most controversial techniques in the medical field.  Although widespread discussion of gene editing is a relatively recent phenomenon, gene editing has been around since the early 1970’s.  Initially, in 1970, a molecular biologist named Hamilton Smith purified Type II restriction enzymes and contributed to the understanding of how DNA preserves itself. [1] The contributions made by Hamilton Smith, and countless other scientists, to the study of Continue Reading →

STLR Link Roundup – October 18, 2019

Apple Removes App that Helps Hong Kong Protesters Track the Police On October 9th, Apple removed the app “” from the app store in response to criticism from Chinese media stating that the app allowed protestors in Hong Kong to track the police. Apple CEO Tim Cook commented on the removal, claiming that “the app was being used maliciously to target individual officers for violence,” and thus violated Apple rules and local laws. Mr. Cook Continue Reading →