STLR Link Roundup – March 17, 2017

Intel’s Acquisition of Automotive Tech Company On Monday, Intel announced a $15.3 billion agreement to buy Mobileye, an Israel-based technology company that specializes in digital vision technology for advanced driver assistance systems. The deal is one of the most expensive acquisitions in the technology industry in recent decades, and the second-largest acquisition for Intel. Although Intel chips are already in several vehicle models and autonomous test vehicles, this strategic alliance between Intel and Mobileye will Continue Reading →

Autonomous Vehicles: Current Federal and State Regulatory Responsibilities

Autonomous vehicle technology has become increasingly sophisticated as the number of companies in the field has grown markedly. Companies such as BMW, Ford, and Volvo have started planning for fully autonomous vehicles, and Google has continued testing its own self-driving cars in Silicon Valley. Recently, Uber introduced a fleet of self-driving taxis in Pittsburgh and announced that its self-driving truck had completed its first delivery. Furthermore, many people already own Tesla vehicles that, while not Continue Reading →