Can Microsoft Stop the TiVo Litigation Juggernaut?

Microsoft filed a patent infringement lawsuit against TiVo on January 19, 2010.  What does this filing mean for TiVo and its meteoric litigation campaign? As Core Business Fades, TiVo is Turning to IP Licensing People love their DVRs.  More specifically, they love their TiVo DVRs.  TiVo was one of the first DVR providers (RIP Replay TV and one-click commercial skipping) and holds broad pioneer patents.  It’s a practicing plaintiff, not a naked patent troll.  And Continue Reading →

TiVo fighting FCC over CableCARD, Verizon’s FiOS service

Background: the FCC’s “integration ban” The FCC’s set-top box “integration ban” requires cable operators to deploy set-top boxes that meet certain criteria standards, separating proprietary encryption from basic decoding functions. More specifically, this regulation effectively forces cable operators to support CableCARD, a technology incorporated into digital TVs and DVRs (e.g., TiVo Series3) that makes such devices compatible with the cable operator’s encryption scheme without a set-top box. By separating decryption from other functions, the ‘integration Continue Reading →