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Dear Prospective Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in the Columbia Science and Technology Law Review (STLR).

We publish articles about the evolving role of the law in a world that is being fundamentally and continually changed by science and technology.  Our authors often have the first say on novel legal issues that arise out of that change.

Besides our reputation as one of the top science and technology journals in the nation, we believe a few qualities make us stand out:

  • We are a forward-looking journal that is always looking to stay on the cutting edge of legal scholarship as it evolves in the digital age.  STLR was the first journal at Columbia to go Open Access, the first journal to blog, and has published staffer blog posts on sites such as engadget and gizmodo.
  • We have an excellent optional notes program. We will not only provide you editing support and advice throughout your note writing process, we will help you get published – whether in STLR, or another top technology journal.
  • We have a great internal staff website that streamlines and documents our production processes.  We are constantly looking for ways to make our operations more efficient with each issue.*

We are most interested in applicants who have shown good research and writing skills, and a keen interest in our journal’s subject matter.  Feel free to have a look at the About STLR page, current issue, or any of our archived volumes to find out more about our journal.  We look forward to seeing your applications, and best of luck in the journal application process!

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