Frequently Asked Questions

Do staff members need a technical or science background?

Staff members do not need a technical or science background – only a passion for exploring the novel legal issues that arise out of technological change.  Our staff and board members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and possess skills that are valuable and contributory in different ways.

What will my responsibilities be as a staff member?

Your responsibilities as a staffer are flexible. At the beginning of each semester staff members choose between working on the blog, editing articles, or may elect to split their time between the two. Staff members who select editing will have traditional journal responsibilities – editing, cite checking, and critiquing journal articles.  Staff members who opt to work on the blog will research and write blog posts, as well as edit other staffers’ posts.

What is the opt-in note requirement?

While STLR does not have a note requirement, we will ensure that staffers committed to writing a note will be able to make the most of the work that they put in.  Staffers who choose to write will receive significant guidance from our Notes Committee throughout the process.  This includes assistance with scheduling, choosing note topics, finding faculty advisors, and potentially publishing in STLR or another law journal.  At the end of the year, STLR awards the best student note submission a $500 prize from the Julius Silver Program in Law, Science and Technology.  We publish two student notes in a typical year.

How do I apply?

Please view our “Apply to STLR” page for our application requirements.

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