What Makes STLR Different

The Columbia Science and Technology Law Review (STLR) engages thought-provoking issues at the intersection of cutting-edge technology, policy, and the law. No other journal at Columbia exclusively covers legal issues in science and technology. However, we are not only an IP journal – our interests range from the Internet, to biotechnology and nanotechnology, to telecommunications.  Technological change inevitably gives rise to unprecedented legal issues as our social institutions race to adapt. STLR will continue to be at the forefront of that discussion.

STLR is one of the preeminent science and technology law journals in the country. While we are a traditional journal (past authors include Professor Richard A. Merrill and Professor Richard Epstein) our innovative and evolving use of the Web and new media sets us apart.  As with every other journal, STLR emphasizes skills – such as bluebooking, legal research, and writing – which are critical for law-related employment. Our strengths, however, go beyond these traditional bounds.

Active Blog

    We were the first journal at Columbia to blog, having published on popular websites such as engadget.  We encourage our staffers to produce timely commentary on recent legal issues, and the blog provides a platform for our work to immediately reach the online legal community.  Literature on the Web is increasingly being cited, not only in journals but even by the Supreme Court. We continue to aggressively seek new outlets for our scholarship, and make our work more accessible to lawyers, academics, and students everywhere.

Online Production Process

    We actively seek to redefine what it means to be a law journal in the digital world.  We are constantly improving, not only through innovative forms of scholarship, but also in our production processes.  Over the past few years, we introduced a fully online production system that has minimized the administrative overhead involved in producing a journal.  This has allowed us to concentrate our efforts on efficiently delivering high quality scholarship to our audience.

Achievements and Goals

    • We are CLS’s first Open Access Law Journal.  Our license agreements give authors more control over their works, which improves the quality of our submissions and increases the number of citations we receive per article.  As print subscriptions to law journals are phased out, we envision most law journals to slowly transition to this format.
    • We successfully piloted a program with the Columbia Law Library to create a permanent digital archive of our journal. The library plans to create similar archives for all the journals on-campus.
    • While we have long been leaders in online legal scholarship, we continue to pursue partnerships with widely read technology websites such engadget, ars.technica, and cnet that will allow our legal scholarship to reach an even wider audience.

    If you are interested in participating in innovative forms of scholarship while still retaining the best of traditional journal work, then Volume XVI of STLR will be perfect for you.

    Please view our “Apply to STLR” page for our application requirements and instructions.


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