Masthead Volume XI (2009-2010)

Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief Christin Sullivan (
Executive Editors Daniel Harris, Evan Hiller
Articles Editors Ana Correa, Andrew Gradman, Vivek Mohan, Jeremy Wilson
Managing Editors Makalika Naholowa’a, Brendan Mulligan
Submissions Editors Jennifer Robbins, Josh Foster, Julian Baez
Blog Editor Todd Wilkinson
Technical Editor Justin Colannino

Editorial Staff

AnnaMarie Andersen E. Kyle Barnett Anjali Bhat
Shawn Blackburn Frank Calvosa Kevin Chang
Andrea Contreras Kyle de Neve Claire Devine
Nicholas Flath Brian Harley Michael Holloway
Tiffany Ikeda Geoffry Knudsen Ben Liebowitz
Seth Lindner Rebecca Neumeier Gavin Snyder
Paul Sullivan Stephanie Train Haiwei Jake Wang
Jane Wu Jamie Yang

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