Volume IV (2002-2003)


  1. Patent Law: Balancing Profit Maximization and Public Access to Technology
    by Andrew Beckerman-Rodau
    4 Colum. Sci. & Tech. L. Rev. 1 (2002) (Published July 15, 2002)
  2. Software, Sovereignty and the Internet: Circumventing Chaos Through TRIPs
    by Manavinder Singh Bains
    4 Colum. Sci. & Tech. L. Rev. 4 (2003) (Published April 10, 2003)

Student Notes

  1. The Isolation and Purification Exception to the General Unpatentability of Products of Nature
    by Richard Seth Gipstein
    4 Colum. Sci. & Tech. L. Rev. 2 (2003) (Published January 15, 2003)
  2. Prying Eyes in the Sky: Visual Aerial Surveillance of Private Residences as a Tort
    by Jeremy Friedman
    4 Colum. Sci. & Tech. L. Rev. 3 (2003) (Published February 5, 2003)
  3. Beyond Biotechnology: FDA Regulation of Nanomedicine
    by John Miller
    4 Colum. Sci. & Tech. L. Rev. 5 (2003) (Published January 15, 2003)

Papers from the Manhattan Institute’s Center for the Digital Economy

  1. The Irony of Regulated Competition in Telecommunications
    by Thomas W. Hazlett
  2. Into the Frying Pan: Standing and Privity in Telecommunications Law
    by Richard A. Epstein
  3. The Effect of Deregulation on Market Concentration: An Analysis of the Telecom Act of 1996 and the Industry Meltdown
    by Eli M. Noam

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